Personality Profiling with MBTI®

Understanding what makes you tick is a valuable foundation to success in communicating, leading and relating to others.

We are all different – yet predictably so! Each of us experiences the world through a unique combination of filters. These determine what we see, hear and feel in situations and drive the behaviours which influence our relationships with others and approach to situations and tasks. Uncovering these preferences is both fascinating and rewarding for clients and I offer profiling as part all my coaching programmes. For clients who have already done something like this in the past, we revisit and explore the findings in the context of the current challenges.

Interested in understanding more about your own preferences?  Click here for the Personality Profiling Programme

Why is profiling important?

Understanding your own filters enables you to:

  • Make links between your preferences and your strengths and areas for development, in your personal life and in the workplace
  • Identify what types of tasks or situations might be more difficult, unappealing or stressful for you
  • Explore conflict, relationship or communications issues in an objective way
  • Work on flexing your behaviours to develop your effectiveness

Which profiling tools?

My preferred tool is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® – the most widely used, trusted and researched profiling questionnaire in the world. I am accredited by OPP to administer and feedback on the questionnaire and provide one of their comprehensive booklets as background reading to everyone I “Type”. This means that you have insight into how others operate so the impact is wider than just knowing your type.

I am also trained in feedback using the DISC® profiling system.

Both are excellent tools to use with teams and individuals in the workplace to gain greater understanding of strengths and operating style.


“The sessions have been immensely valuable in exploring my ‘natural’ type and identifying areas that can benefit me and others.  I am much more aware of a different approach needed in different situations and am now more able to adjust behaviours to suit different audiences and have adopted a much more consultative and inclusive approach.”


Interested in understanding more about your own preferences?  Click here for the Personality Profiling Programme

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