Management and Exec Coaching

Develop your potential in managing people and driving results with focused time away from the day job.

Management coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching…whatever you call it, the aim is the same – to help people with senior responsibilities in business to focus on the things that will make the most difference to success.

A coach provides a confidential sounding board to work on issues typically facing managers – particularly in times of change and when newly promoted:

  • Time effectiveness and delegation
  • Communication and resolving conflict
  • Providing direction and motivating the team – particularly important in times of change
  • Managing the performance of people and delivery

While the usual coaching techniques of questioning, listening, reflecting and challenging are vital, I introduce or remind the manager of a variety of effective management tools and models. These act as a prompt for discussion about their application in particular circumstances.

Many clients benefit from the heightened self awareness that comes from profiling personality type preferences using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. This gives understanding of approaches to communications, leadership, change, stress, problem solving and workplace relationships.

I am also able to design and administer questionnaires and produce reports for 360 degree assessments.  The need for confidentiality and sensitivity in feeding back results for such assessments makes it an ideal assignment for an external coach.

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“Zoë has just helped us greatly in preparing for our latest recruitment drive. Before her coaching we had been struggling to define our requirements from a practical and emotional perspective in order to help us identify the perfect person for the role. Our time spent with Zoë help draw this all out very naturally and we left feeling as though a weight had been lifted with a purposeful plan in hand! Thanks Zoë, highly recommended business therapy!”

“Since being in leadership roles, Zoë’s coaching has been the most beneficial development I’ve received.”


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