Zoe whitby

"Coaching has been highly effective in identifying and channelling skills and energy in ways that suit individuals better than a one size fits all attitude."

"It was great to be able to set the future vision and to remind myself (with your coaching!) that the obstacles that are standing in my way, are there, only because I allow them to be there."

"Hugely valuable!"

"My coaching sessions have been the most valuable training that I have received in my career because the sessions are tailored to my personal situation and goals. Thank-you!"

Coaching works! Discover the power for yourself…

Coaching is a powerful technique that acts as a catalyst to help clients achieve more in their work and their careers. A coaching session is a positive, motivational conversation with a purpose focusing on goals, exploring options and barriers and defining action.

Based in Knaresborough, close to Harrogate, York and Leeds in Yorkshire, I work with organisations and individuals across the country through 1-1 coaching (over the telephone, Skype or face to face), facilitated team effectiveness sessions and bespoke development workshops.  I offer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality profiling as a foundation to all coaching clients.

Zoë Whitby
BSc (Hons), DipM
MBTI® licensed via OPP, NLP Practitioner
Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council and British Association of Psychological Type

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Coaching managers

Develop your potential in managing people and driving results with focused time away from the day job.

Developing teams

The best teams learn and grow together and benefit from external facilitation and team coaching.

Refocusing careers

Explore your strengths and motivators and develop confidence to seek out new opportunities.

Personality profiling

Understanding what makes you tick is a valuable foundation to success in communicating, leading and relating to others.